CCG Overview

CCG Overview

Care Clinics Group comprises a group of professional and passionate doctors who thrive together on making positive change in providing medical care at its highest standard. Our extensive clinics, situated at strategic location, cater a range of clinical facilities and services that best fit our patients’ needs without compromising on care, comfort, and experience.

Since 2003, we have continued to grow robustly and expand our businesses through collaborative network with more than 20 clinics in Kuala Lumpur itself, enabling us to manage our practices and resources on a whole new level. Thus, through this successful collaboration, we were able to provide affordable yet uncompromising quality healthcare to our patients. This also serves as a vehicle, which promotes a stronger customer base that consequently increases our market share.

Our aim is to work with our partners and serve the local community as a team. We apply transparent practice within our network in terms of our consultation and engagement with our patients to ensure that our service delivery and productivity meet their every expectation and needs. Our clientele includes a broad range of medium to large corporate establishments and government organisations.


To be innovators of unrivalled healthcare experience and empower our partnering healthcare service providers with unlimited care options.


Our mission is combine medical practice with technology in continuation to deliver unparalleled quality care to patients while creating a supportive environment for their families and caregivers.