CEO Message

CEO Message

Firstly, I would like to welcome all of our potential and valued business partners for joining us on this journey to provide quality healthcare to all our clients.

As you read my message to you, it is my hope that we already share a common vision and mission in quality healthcare. Your growing interest in getting to know more about our company would mean that you can be part of the innovative yet personalised Care Clinics Group (CCG). You are now one step closer to becoming one of our healthcare professional partners.

The world is rapidly evolving with touch screen technology. Here, at CCG, we are moving towards integrating all formats – single touch, user friendly, easy navigation computer services, with a personalised human touch. CCG is about providing our shareholders with a cutting edge clinical platform that raises the bar of excellence in medical care when and where it is needed.

Valued partners, I believe we share an inspiring reason to make a difference in the lives and wellbeing of ourselves, families, employees and associates through quality and effective medical services that are readily available to all.

At CCG, we are taking a step further where we expand our clinical services to clients like yourselves through a One-stop medical hub. By collaborating, together, we believe we can create a greater good for everyone around us, with satisfactory results. This partnership will enable us to offer you a line of clinical services and facilities that fit the needs and requirements within your esteemed organisation.

As a single entity, achieving higher medical standards will be easier. We have IntelSys – a stateof- the-art single integrated system (IntelSys) that will seamlessly link all participating clinics, which help to streamline administration, increase revenue and cutting all unnecessary cost.

Clients will have the potential to walk into any of our affiliated clinics and have access to their medical database at an instant. As CEO of Care Clinics Group and, together with our team of healthcare professionals, we commit ourselves to delivering outstanding clinical care, efficient processes, ultramodern technology and personal service to ensure our clients receive the best-required treatments for their own wellbeing as well as their employees.

Therefore, we look forward to building longlasting and rewarding businesses relationships with our clients where all of us can benefit from achieving greater productivity through quality healthcare.

Dr. RamPrakash