Why Care Clinics Group?

Why Care Clinics Group?


Over the years, Care Clinics Group has built an enviable reputation and integrated clinical practice. As a group, we have continued to restructure the delivery of our medical care facilities and services to provide better quality healthcare solution.


Care Clinics Group is committed to producing a cuttingedge support system and an effective infrastructure that will offer our partners a myriad of medical possibilities. This would greatly enhance the healthcare experience for our patients.

The setup of IntelSys grants its affiliated clinics privilege access to shared patients’ records and medical history in a secured manner for consistent and continued treatment.


Through personalised, comprehensive and affordable health support, we are able to assist our patients attain quality healthcare and personal wellness. Using the latest technology, we are able to deliver medical results in a shorter time frame while ensuring their safety and providing efficacy results to satisfy regulators.

Brand Story

  • It embodies our sense of professionalism, dedication and integrity in upholding excellence in healthcare management and solutions.
  • A trusting relationship with our shareholders, partners and our clients.
  • Represents a perfect embodiment of our group’s culture and values.
  • Reflects our promise to be transparent in our practices

The Foot Print

Care Clinics Group is the brainchild of Dr. Ram Prakash and Dr. Romel Rauf Al Abbas with the successful startup of Klinik Seri Indah (KSI) Selayang Jaya, KSI Samudera and Klinik Damai Kuala Selangor back in 2003.

CCG continues to expand its brand offering through fruitful collaboration with our panels and securing over 200 corporate and government clienteles. The primary care has successfully garnered over one million patient visits since 2003. On average, each of our clinics receives visits of 80 to 300 patients per day.

The group is still growing and its business is looking at enlisting 50 more clinics by 2020, establishing its brand presence across the whole of Malaysia. In time, we have faith that CCG will be the Malaysia’s premier neighbourhood clinic, serving patients with the highest standards of clinical care.