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Humanising Care

While we embrace technology in the delivery and improvement of quality care, the human touch remains the essence of our service. That’s why we use innovative solutions to help us improve the lives of both patients and staff. From superior medical expertise, top-notch hospitality, to top-tier patient-oriented wellness.

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Care Clinics Group

Care Clinics Group emerged out of the passion and diligence of a coterie of doctors who saw the healthcare industry rather differently. With a clear mission and vision, we wanted to recreate a whole new paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. Since 2003 a network of more than 20 clinics collaborated and merged with the sole intention to provide affordable and uncompromising quality service to the people. With transparency and integrity in our DNA, we increased our market share which includes corporate establishments and government organizations.

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A brand can only exist when it is anchored in a set of authentic values. These are deeply-held beliefs that permeate through every level of the brand experience, and are the driving force behind a brand’s every word, thought and deed.

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We take pride in our exceptional team of doctors who are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of medical care. Our doctors are not only highly qualified and experienced but also deeply committed to your well-being.

Corporate & Major Insurance Providers

List of Panel

Our clinics are panels for the major third-party administrators (TPAs) in Malaysia. You are welcome to browse and choose the clinics under the respective TPAs.

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Feel free to explore our nearby clinic branches, which are strategically situated to provide easy access to our comprehensive healthcare services. These locations are designed to ensure that our medical facilities are conveniently accessible for your healthcare needs.