About Us

CareClinics, since 2003, is your dedicated team of doctors delivering top-tier primary care across 80+ nationwide clinics. We combine medical expertise with a compassionate, human-centered approach, embracing digital innovation while cherishing the personal touch. Our brand is defined by a commitment to care in every aspect of our clinical facilities and service culture. 

Our Story

Care Clinics Group emerged out of the passion and diligence of a coterie of doctors who saw the healthcare industry rather differently. With a clear mission and vision, we wanted to recreate a whole new paradigm shift in the healthcare industry. Since 2003 a network of more than 20 clinics collaborated and merged with the sole intention to provide affordable and uncompromising quality service to the people. With transparency and integrity in our DNA, we increased our market share which includes corporate establishments and government organizations.

Our Tagline

Humanising Care

While we embrace technology in the delivery and improvement of quality care, the human touch remains the essence of our service. That’s why we use innovative solutions to help us improve the lives of both patients and staff. From superior medical expertise, top-notch hospitality, to top-tier patient-oriented wellness.


Empower patients with the freedom to access quality healthcare services through digital integration anytime, anywhere.


Deliver quality personalised care by merging of best medical practises with modern technology. 

Why Care Clinics Group?

Extensive Healthcare Solution

Through personalised, comprehensive and affordable health support, we are able to assist our patients attain quality healthcare and personal wellness. Using the latest technology, we are able to deliver medical results in a shorter time frame while ensuring their safety and providing efficacy results to satisfy regulators.

Avant-garde Intelsys Support System

Care Clinics Group is committed to producing a cuttingedge support system and an effective infrastructure that will offer our partners a myriad of medical possibilities. This would greatly enhance the healthcare experience for our patients. The setup of IntelSys grants its affiliated clinics privilege access to shared patients’ records and medical history in a secured manner for consistent and continued treatment.

Integrated Primary Care Provider

Over the years, Care Clinics Group has built an enviable reputation and integrated clinical practice. As a group, we have continued to restructure the delivery of our medical care facilities and services to provide better quality healthcare solution.

Dr. Thirunavukarasu

CEO Message

Firstly, I would like to welcome all our potential and valued business partners and clients for joining us on this journey to provide quality healthcare to all. The world is rapidly evolving with touch screen technology.

Here, at CCG, we are moving towards integrating all formats – single touch, user friendly, easy navigation computer services, with a personalized human touch is about providing our shareholders with a cutting edge clinical platform that raises the bar of excellence in medical care when and where it is needed. Valued partners, I believe we share an inspiring reason to make a difference in the lives and wellbeing of ourselves, families, employees and associates through quality and effective medical services that are readily available to all. 

Clients will have the potential to walk into any of our affiliated clinics and have access to their medical database at an instant. As CEO of Care Clinics Group and, together with our team of healthcare professionals, we commit ourselves to delivering outstanding clinical care, efficient processes, ultramodern technology and personal service to ensure our clients receive the best-required treatments for their own wellbeing as well as their employees.

Care Clinics Philosophy

A brand can only exist when it is anchored in a set of authentic values. These are deeply-held beliefs that permeate through every level of the brand experience, and are the driving force behind a brand’s every word, thought and deed.

Care Clinics is built on five essential values, namely:


We strive to be transparent and accountable in every level of our operations, ensuring fair, unbiased, cost-effective and time-efficient service for all customers and partners, while upholding patient confidentiality and good governance principles.


We commit ourselves to building a culture of innovation, constantly keeping abreast of new developments, perspectives and technology to maximise productivity, effectiveness and delivery. This goes beyond patient treatment and care, encompassing aspects such as communication, access to information, mobility and sustainability.


The human touch is at the heart of everything we do, driving us to demonstrate kindness, sensitivity and humanity in our daily practice to build authentic, long-lasting relationships that benefit not just patients, but their families and caregivers as well.


We treat patients with respect and uphold their dignity at all costs, both because it plays an essential role in their recovery journey, and because it’s just the right thing to do. We extend this to our partners and associates to ensure we create an environment that is conducive to nurturing strong collaborations and delivering the best outcomes possible.


To be great thinkers, we have to be great practitioners. We constantly measure our level of performance to continue to provide uncompromising quality service, facilities and treatment to the community that we serve.