Dr. Ram Prakash

Care Clinics Healthcare Services Headquarters


Dr. Ram Prakash is a medical doctor and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience. He was graduated from KMC, Mangalore, India. He has successfully built a group of fully equipped primary care clinics. His success and good business acumen in the healthcare industry has prompted him to divest into medical equipment and the pharmaceutical sectors.

He is the founder of Care Clinics Group in Malaysia which manages primary care health facilities.

The network that he has acquired throughout the years in the private sector places him in an advantageous position to expand any businesses related to healthcare products and services in a shorter period.

CareClinics Healthcare Services Headquarters

KMC, Mangalore, India

Spoken Languages
Tamil, English, & Bahasa Melayu

Phone / Extension No.
+603 27328932

E-Mail Address
[email protected]

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