Dr. Thirunavukarasu is a medical doctor by profession, graduated from Indonesia. Founder and Director of Polyclinic Cahaya Group, a chain of primary care clinics in Malaysia, and recently the primary care group at Care Clinics .He has vast working experience in managing primary Care Clinics and was previously in employment with the Ministry of Health.

Dr. Thirunavukarasu has a sharp acuity of the medical industry, especially primary care and the various acts and regulations, governing asian healthcare industries. 

This vast knowledge was acquired during his tenure as a medical practitioner and as a successful entrepreneur. With this vast experience, he's able to give an insight and thorough understanding of the healthcare supply chain and it's ecosystem. 

In addition, he has the ability to envisage the future needs of the medical and pharmaceutical markets.

His knowledge and networking, places him advantageously as a key player and a stakeholder in helping to shape the industry.